It's all about the metal

It's all about the metal

A few years ago, (Before I started making earrings) I noticed that wearing earrings annoyed me. I was always looking for the next best thing in shops and paid so much money for earrings that would discolour and make my ears itch or break for no reason! Have you experienced this?

I’d started to get grumpy and annoyed, fiddling with them and pulling on them. Soon, I’d take them off and stash them in my purse I could not take them off quick enough. I stopped wearing earrings at home. For the longest time, I just thought it was me. Then one day someone suggested that I was allergic to the metal.

I realised that metal allergy or sensitivity was precisely the problem and for so many other women as well.  I love wearing earrings now that I can make sure that  it's got no itch. 

I always make sure my metals are nickel free - that's the key to NO ITCH! I prefer to use plastic stud posts which is hypoallergenic unless your allergic to plastic and so light on your ear. They also don't snap off like many other findings. 

You can also contact me and order earrings made specially for you to ensure they are allergy safe. Just pop me an email I am happy to help. 

Love Nicolette


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