How to care for your earrings




My polymer clay earrings are fade resistant and they should last for a long time with proper care.

We recommend:

  • avoid wearing the earrings when applying perfume, deodorant and hairspray
  • remove your earrings when showering or going into the pool/water
  • avoid dropping your earrings as the small parts may break
  • when not in use, store your polymer clay earrings in a container to avoid scratches

With prolonged use, make-up may stain the earrings and dust may be found on their surface. Some metal parts may discolour over time unless they are sterling silver or gold pated - if this happens get in touch with me I'll happily replace the findings at no extra cost. You will only need to cover your shipping. 

To clean polymer clay earrings, use a piece of moist soft fabric and wipe it gently to remove dirt and dust from the earring.

Feel free to get in touch at anytime if you need more information or help to clean your earrings.