About the Creator

Welcome to Cute Clay Creations.

Hi! I'm Nicolette.
Besides being the owner and maker at Cute Creations, my favourite titles are being a Wife and Mom. I have two beautiful little kiddos and a fur baby. My hubby is my absolute best friend and I would not be able to live out my creative dream if it wasn't for him. God has blessed us in abundance and I am so grateful for it all.
Without His blessings I would not have this business today.
Most days I hang out in my craft studio doing what I do best ~ create. It's definitely my favourite little corner in the world. Every piece is unique and handmade with loads of care and love.

I didn’t always have this business. It's a new thing for me. I’ve spent most of my adult days tending to my family, immigrating twice and working an office job 8-5 daily which made me miserable. Then some bad luck hit me and I lost my hearing or about 80% of it to be correct. This made work in an office nearly impossible.
So I turned to what I know and have 'been' for many years - a creative. I've loved the creative process and making things with my hands for as long I can remember. I believe if you look back far enough, you probably recognise hints of what you were meant to be doing all along.

The creative process and inspiration comes from my family, nature and my customers are what encourages my creative creations each day. It's been absolutely amazing to meet fellow creatives from around the world and become friends although we've never met. I love making each piece to send out into the world (it's like wearing a little piece of art really), and I hand-cut, make and assemble all the earrings you find here. Everything is recycled and re-used, nothing gets thrown away.
I believe your statement earrings should be comfortable, a reflection of you, and a reminder of your beauty within. My goal is simple: to make you smile, feel beautiful, and remind you to embrace the season you are in, to embrace YOU.
You've got this!

I hope that you too will find that my pieces are fun, beautiful, and unique.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Nicolette Hulme, Cute Clay Creations, Creator