Product Care & Cleaning Your Earrings

All Cute Clay Creation Earrings are handmade from polymer clay, which is a strong, durable and lightweight PVC material (To learn more see “What is polymer clay”). It is slightly bendable and it is non-toxic. We ask that you do not attempt to bend or fold your jewellery. While polymer clay is designed to be flexible and durable, it can still break. If any jewellery is broken while attempting to do a flex test, it will not be replaced.

All earring posts and backings are made from stainless steel and some are plated with 14k gold (unless otherwise stated in product description). Jump rings and other jewellery components, however, are usually brass (unless stated otherwise in product description).

Do not shower with or swim with polymer clay earrings. Avoid using chemicals, solvents, perfume, lotions, jewellery cleaners, or any aerosol products near the earrings. This could damage your piece.

In the case that it becomes dirty, wipe with a soft, damp cloth (microfiber works excellent). You may also use a cotton ear swab dipped in CLEAR acetone to wipe lightly on the surface of the earring--this does NOT apply to earrings that are hand painted, have gold leaf, or are coated with varnish. (Please always feel free contact me if you are unsure about the cleaning process)

If your piece is varnished, hand painted, has gold leaf, is glittered--use a baby wipe to gently clean the surface of the earring. 

When not in use, store polymer clay jewellery in a box or a separate compartment that is dry and safe. Keep away from sharp objects to avoid scratching the surface. This will help with the preservation of each handmade piece.

Please DO NOT wet brass as this will cause the piece to tarnish. Keep away from the sunlight or extreme heat. In the case the piece does tarnish, clean with a baby wipe or brasso metal polish.